moda mono hull series

Our boats borrow from the world of extreme boating while maintaining winning levels of opulence and performance

moda m5800 hero shot

M5800 series

Entry level centre console day-activity boat, maintaining the highest standard Moda is famous for.

m6000 series

A 4WD open & enclosed water platform , perfect for the specialised fishing trip.

moda m6000 hero shot
moda m6500 trailer

M6500 series

Available as a hard top, Northern Territory or walk around.

The best fitting ‘all rounder’ still with the commanding Moda quality.

m6600 series

Seamless experience from launching, travelling, retrieving, and driving home!

moda m6600 plate aluminium boat in harbour
moda m7500 boat

M7500 series

Available as a walk around or cabin. ​

Our M7500 model means serious boat ownership. Both ‘walk around and ‘cabin’ options deliver spirited sea going performance and economy, ideal for fishing and leisure. The M7500 is meticulously designed & built to the highest level of personal ergonomics and quality to support the owner and guests on their quest for memorable boating adventures.

m7800 series

Optimal sport fishing performance is what this ‘gun ‘ is all about.

moda m7800 7.8m alloy boat on water
moda m8000 plate aluminium boat on trail

M8000 series

Available as a centre console, express or walk around.

Sleepless nights may be experienced when owning this boat , just thinking of the next day’s boating adventure , fun & exciting.

m8500 series

The ever popular M8500 is a boat that will excite your senses & truly support your boating adventure desires.

M8800 Details

m8800 series

Available as a walk around or hard top.

A roomy craft ideal for deep water fishing and overnights with friends.

m9500 series

Available as an express or hard top.

Large cruise boat styling, with Moda’s unique design & top shelf finish, the M9500 will deliver all your ‘large cruiser’ ownership wishes.

M9500 Moda

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