Our boats borrow from the world of extreme boating while maintaining winning levels of opulence and performance



Moda c2900

standard beam | wide body

mono hulls

moda m5800 hero shot

Moda M5800

centre console

moda m6500 trailer

Moda M6500

Hard Top | Northern Territory

moda m6600 plate aluminium boat in harbour

Moda M6600

Walk around

moda m7500 hero shot

Moda M7500

walk around | cabin

moda m7800 hero shot on trailer

Moda M7800

Hard Top

moda m8000 plate aluminium boat on trail

Moda M8000

centre console | express | walk around

Moda8500speedoutofwater Oct17 edit-10

Moda M8500

walk around

moda m8000 etching detail

Moda M8800

hard top | walk around

M9500 Moda

Moda M9500

express | hard top


moda design

Perfection without sacrifice. Moda boats set a new standard for performance and looks. Design, creativity, and fore-thought will result in a boat suited to the owners requirements and look good, perform predictably, be efficient, reliable and strong.


Thanks for such a beautiful boat Moda Marine. Just done our first overnighter with the girls. 270klm round trip out to North West Island and beyond and still felt great when we got home, the only aches came from catching fish. Once again, Thank you for such a beautiful boat in looks, handling and function. Black Diamond is priceless.

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