Quality & Design


The team at Moda custom boats have set a goal to build boats using the best possible materials and equipment.

To build a strong boat we do not believe in sacrificing the boats looks and performance. Design, creativity, and fore-thought will result in a boat suited to the owners requirements and look good, perform predicably, be efficient, reliable and strong.

We stand by the policy of building and strictly following the Australian Standard  AS1799.1  and Moda’s certified quality management system.

We are true qualified tradesman boat builders with a current combined 80 years experience. Our boats are designed and CNC cut to ensure that when the boat goes together it stays straight and true with refined tolerances between frames, sheets and parts.

Our boats are fabricated for maximum strength and minimal fatigue points using marine grade 5083 structural aluminium where ever possible which increases the boats tensile strength and reduces corrosion caused by salt, and electrolysis.

Handcrafted is a suitable definition of our product as each boat is treated with passion, care, and attention to detail and built one at a time not on a production type assemble where speed and time replace care and accuracy.