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Moda Custom Boats – ‘About us’

‘Moda Custom Boats’ is a family business with a goal to build the best quality Australian made boats using the best materials and practices.

Kicking off in 2010 as the new kids on the block we still pack a lot of experience in the marine industry and boats. Having spent all our lives around boats and the water we have the capability to interpret and understand the needs of our customers and offer solutions to improve their boating enjoyment.

Shane Darlington, Managing Director and head Ship wright has been involved in many boating activities with his father and started buying and restoring small boats and motors at the age of 13. Upon completing school he began a Boat building trade working on 100+ 6-8m vessels throughout his apprenticeship. Once qualified Shane worked for many aluminium boat building operations building all manner of boats from 4 to 50 metres both recreational and commercial.

In his spare time Shane has volunteered 10+ years with the Volunteer marine rescue and held the rank of VMRAQ restricted Coxswain.

Having travelled the world and witnessed the variety of boats on offer, and been involved with the high performance race boat scene and experienced the marine rescue and safety side of boating, we question the direction some are taking with regard to design, strength and efficiency.

”Moda” meaning ‘style’ was the name chosen for our business and our objectives reflect that.

Quality Boats, Strong Boats, Refined Boats , Boats that will hold their Value.